Mystery quest

Mystery quest

Do you think team building events are missing little bit of intrigue, role play, clues and accusations? Read about mystery quest, an interactive game that is played in real time, the game where participants are the detectives who are going to solve the murder.

In this blog post we will try to tell you more about mystery quest that we organize.

Before quest begins team will choose key participants to take on the roles of the suspects. Other participants will be in the roles of detectives. If you are the murderer you will not be told. When the time comes to guess who did it – it could easily be you and feel free to point the finger at yourself!

Mystery quest begins when inspector arrives and he declares there has been a murder! He continues to explain all crime details and we discover that the bastard is still in the building… The inspector needs your help to catch the murderer.

Potential suspects range from victim’s wife, bankrupt brother and the family housekeeper… All played by key participants that volunteered before the quest. They will receive the character scripts to portray their role. Everybody must keep their eyes open and listen to conversations as the drama unfolds. Throughout the quest the suspects are called individually to answer questions. But who can you trust? Nothing is quite as it seems – everyone has a motive, but who has an alibi?

After three rounds of game and new clues, more small crimes that occur and all questions answered; suspects will have their concluding statement. After this everybody are invited to guess who the murder is! The game is over when we hear from detective again to find out who the murder is and when we finally hear name of the murder and the words “You are under arrest for the murder”.

Mystery quest is a perfect way to incorporate investigation and to your team building event in the form of a puzzling, fun and interactive murder mystery.

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