Quests for children

For children we have three quests suitable for birthdays and day at the nature:

  • “Mini Belgrade”introduces the group to Belgrade history and landmarks while teaching them to solve tasks together and how to coordinate in space.
  • “From A to Z”at Tašmajdanski park, leads children through the world of letters and allows them to explore, all within the safety of city park.
  • “Treasure hunt”at Ada Ciganlija leads groups on the journey of discovering the treasure of the Lake Blackbeard. Can they solve all the clues on the map? Where is the treasure hidden?



  • Number of participants:from 5 to 15 per group
  • Duration:from 30 minutes to one hour

Number of groups per quest is limited

One thought on “Quests for children

  1. Poštovani,
    Molim Vas za informaciju u vezi sa proslavom rođendana – Potraga za zakopanim blagom. Da li se organizuje isključivo na Adi Ciganliji ili može i na nekoj drugoj lokaciji. Takođe, interesuje me i cena. U pitanju je proslava 9og rođendana, bilo bi oko 20oro dece, termin 07.09. ili 08.09.2018.

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