Belgrade quests

What is Belgrade quest?

Belgrade quest is game that will allow you to explore the city though different tasks, riddles and challenges.


Our game is suitable to all travelers who want to explore the city in an interactive way while having fun, by solving our tasks you will learn about Belgrade and Serbia. Our quest looks like treasure hunt – it is map (not an app) with different tasks that are not connected, so you can’t solve some task you can’t get stuck in the city.


The goal is to collect answers on given assignments which are scattered over defined area. No special equipment is needed. Just imagination, wit and comfortable shoes. In order to get points, group has to solve riddles, discover details on specific location or creatively fulfill the assignment. Innovation and originality are especially valued in task solving.

Belgrade quest comes in two different forms:

1. Standard Belgrade quest

If you want to compete against other teams, or just against the time; this is the quest for you.

2. Personalized Belgrade quest

This quest is ideal for those that want to explore Belgrade with our game, but in their own pace.