Bachelor/ Bachelorette quest

We’ve noticed that more and more travelers choose Belgrade as destination for their bachelor/bachelorette trip. If you are visiting Belgrade as a group of guys, or as group of girls only; you might be interested in our quests. Belgrade is famous for its extraordinary nightlife, but why wouldn’t you do something fun during daytime as well?

Belgrade quest with stag (or bachelor/bachelorette) challenges – 2 in 1 activity! You’ll get quest that is mixed up with the tasks that let you discover something about Belgrade and challenges. Bachelor/bachelorette challenges if somebody from the group is soon to be married if not then just stag/girls challenges. The challenges will be appropriate for daytime. The group can split smaller teams and make little competition. In the beginning we would meet and each smaller team would get quest pack. The group would cover the same part of the city, but with different tasks. The quest itself can last for one, one and half or two hours. After quest we would meet at finish line, check quest score, proclaim the winners and give prizes to the winning team.

Bachelor/bachlorette quest – it is basically list of challenges that you as a group should complete. You can choose where to complete the quest. We had a group that started with the quest on the beach of Ada ciganlija, then moved to the pubs and ended up in the club. We would meet in the beginning and you would get your bachelor/bachelorette quest pack. When you finish the quest nobody from our team is going to check your result, it is just for you to have fun.

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