Team bonding

Henry Ford said ─ „Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.“
We, as BeoQuest, believe that through game and competition team spirit can become stronger and make daily work easier. Employees learn about cooperation and work delegation.
This is why we do not call this activity team building, since teams within each company already exist. This is team bonding since quests build stronger relationships through teamwork and jointly created memories.

Team bonding can be organized in several ways:

  • As an individual activity
  • As a part of larger event for the employees
  • You organize international get-together? This is ideal way for people to get to know each other and exchange experiences in fun and relaxed way.


For team bonding purposes we can organize following quests:

  • “Belgrade exploration”
  • Mystery quest

slika team bonding nova


BeoQuest je začetnik ideje istraživanja i upoznavanja grada kroz interaktivnu igru potrage. Prvi smo se u Srbiji i regionu specijalizovali za kreiranje dinamičnih aktivnosti kroz koje na zabavan način upoznajete istoriju, umetnost i običaje Beograda trag po trag.


BeoQuest created the idea of city exploration through interactive quests. We're first in Serbia and region to specialize in creating dynamic activities which, in entertaining way, discover history, art and customs of Belgrade, clue by clue.

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