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Do you wish that customers search for you and not you for them? Literary!

Prepare something different for your customers and reward their persistence and resourcefulness. Quests are ideal way to promote a product and distinct really interested customers. This way you keep marketing activity extremely focused, invested resources wisely spent and quickly generate revenue.

Our team has experience and best practice knowledge from different industries. We will gladly prepare a quest for you so your users can relate your brand with excitement and fun.

Based on your requirements, quests can have different forms:

  • Photo competition
  • Staging quests
  • Challenges based on promoted product

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BeoQuest je začetnik ideje istraživanja i upoznavanja grada kroz interaktivnu igru potrage. Prvi smo se u Srbiji i regionu specijalizovali za kreiranje dinamičnih aktivnosti kroz koje na zabavan način upoznajete istoriju, umetnost i običaje Beograda trag po trag.


BeoQuest created the idea of city exploration through interactive quests. We're first in Serbia and region to specialize in creating dynamic activities which, in entertaining way, discover history, art and customs of Belgrade, clue by clue.

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