Belgrade quests

Belgrade quests are the best choice for those who want to compete. Each game is the combination of city exploration by your rules and our recommendations. This way you will cover the most interesting spots of Belgrade and see them in completely different way.

Belgrade quest is perfect choice for:

  • Groups wanting to explore Belgrade
  • Freshmen activities
  • Excursions and field trips
  • Family time



  • Number of participants: from 2 to 8 per group
  • Time: 2 – 3 hours
  • Equipment needed: comfortable shoes and camera (cellphone camera will do), we provide the rest
  • Number of groups per quest is limited


Make photos, do the interviews, explore and have fun!


BeoQuest je začetnik ideje istraživanja i upoznavanja grada kroz interaktivnu igru potrage. Prvi smo se u Srbiji i regionu specijalizovali za kreiranje dinamičnih aktivnosti kroz koje na zabavan način upoznajete istoriju, umetnost i običaje Beograda trag po trag.


BeoQuest created the idea of city exploration through interactive quests. We're first in Serbia and region to specialize in creating dynamic activities which, in entertaining way, discover history, art and customs of Belgrade, clue by clue.

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