What are quests?

Our quests are dynamic activities which discover fascinating locations. If you love to play games and explore – you will love our adventures. And if you want to learn something along the way – you’ll love them even more!

Usually, goal of our games is not to collect the objects but answers which will lead you through time and space. It takes several hours to complete the quest. This includes initial setup of the game and point counting in the end. In case you choose custom quest this time is adjustable to your requirements.
There is no need for special equipment – just wit, imagination and comfortable shoes. In order to gather points and win, you have to solve riddles, discover hidden details on specific locations or do a challenge. And record it all with a camera! Tasks can only be solved when you are on the right location. As a reward you will see something new, discover fun facts and have a great time.

To solve all tasks as quickly as possible teamwork is essential. Good teams quickly realize that everyone must participate which makes quests very interesting for a team bonding and corporate events.

How does this all work?

Here are couple of examples from the Belgrade quest:

Location: Pionirski park
Photo + riddle: May the one with the most skill take a picture of lady from the 200 RSD bill.

This lady should be found at the park and team should take a picture of her. If by chance team members decide to join her at the photo and make a hand frame – go for it! Creativity gets extra points.


Photo + interactive task: Make a photo of people playing musical instruments. The greater the band/orchestra – the more points you get!

Location: Crossroad of Terazije and Kolarčeva Street
Photo + interaction: Interview three persons with the question: “Do you know what building used to stand here?

The correct answer is kafe “Albania” and this area is known by this name today. Check out if other people know it as well.

Kafana Albanija 1930-tih


BeoQuest je začetnik ideje istraživanja i upoznavanja grada kroz interaktivnu igru potrage. Prvi smo se u Srbiji i regionu specijalizovali za kreiranje dinamičnih aktivnosti kroz koje na zabavan način upoznajete istoriju, umetnost i običaje Beograda trag po trag.


BeoQuest created the idea of city exploration through interactive quests. We're first in Serbia and region to specialize in creating dynamic activities which, in entertaining way, discover history, art and customs of Belgrade, clue by clue.

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