Students and Belgrade quest

Students and Belgrade quest

Are you a student visiting Belgrade?

There is no better time for visiting Belgrade than your student years! A student trip can’t go wrong in a city like Belgrade with one of the most beautiful fortresses surrounded by two rivers… Also eclectic architecture, many beautiful parks, delightful food and some of the cheapest beer in Europe – all that is waiting for you in Belgrade! The perfect mix of history and party for a break from study.

It’s entirely different way of exploring Belgrade for students/young people compared to elderly travelers. While students do visit main sites in Belgrade as travelers of all ages, they also visit areas where local students hang out, so they can make new friends, speak the language and discover the vibrant nightlife with locals their age.

Are you student or young person looking for an interactive and fun way to learn about the history of Belgrade and Serbia? Maybe activity in the city that is more memorable than a sight-seeing with tour guide headphones? Belgrade quest is the answer! Participate in this fun game with your student friends, race against other teams as you solve riddles, clues and solve the challenges.

Some of the benefits of Belgrade quest for students:

  • Enables exploration and discovery –While the main goal is riddle/challenge solving, half the fun is embracing the journey as well. Being outdoors, meeting locals, become familiar with Belgrade, allowing you to find new and interesting spots on your journey. It’s also a great activity to help with your sense of direction.
  • Builds the team –The quest is a great social ice breaker. Gathering students to commit to a common goal in a relaxed atmosphere is a way to promote teamwork. Since there is time limitation for Belgrade quest, this especially puts the questers into crunch time and will encourage responsibility and leadership in the team. This helps bring the team together as each member of a team can contribute uniquely to the quest.
  • Stimulates the mind – Belgrade quest challenges players on an individual and a team level. Student participants use their general knowledge, along with puzzle solving and map reading skills to solve a series of clues that have only one correct solution. The quest teaches participants to follow directions, build listening skills, and seek and build a consensus for a plan of action. The responsibility comes with plotting a strategy for Belgrade quest.
  • Promotes social interaction – The game will starch your comfort zone. Whether it’s being in an unfamiliar area or being with an unfamiliar team, you are inspired to interact with your student team members to ensure the team’s objective is met. Since the competition of the quest can be exhilarating, you’re even more prone to interact with your team members to beat the other teams.

At the heart of Belgrade quest for students are tasks and challenges that encourage participants to stretch their comfort zones, bond with their fellow team-mates, explore and learn about Belgrade, interact with locals, and most importantly, a lot of laughter while they complete their treasure hunt lists.