Quarantine game night

Quarantine game night

What is the easiest way to organize game night during quarantine?

We write about some games that don’t require equipment at all and you can join from laptop.


Over the past few weeks, our social lives have disappeared and as we wait for freedom to go back outside, we still need to socialize.  If you want to organize game night in quarantine the first step is invitation. When inviting your friends to online game night, treat the invitation like you would for a standard game night. Give people a specific time and day to attend, but don’t forget to leave some time for everyone to connect at the beginning of the call. Also let everyone know which platform you will be using for game night.

  1. Online trivia quiz

This is perfect option for people that are fans of the Pub quiz nights.  If you are lucky you might be able to find a quiz that you can buy, but you have the time why not to try to create one? Our advice is to always have in mind that the best questions are the ones where participants can’t google the solution that easily.

  1. Get to know each other

Any kind of pen and paper game can be played even online; classical games such as “Never have I ever” or “Three truths and one lie”. You’ll be surprised how many facts about your friends you don’t know. Everyone can write facts/answers on the piece of the paper. Host can count one, two, three and participants will show the paper to the camera. It’s quite easy and you can learn something new about your friends.

  1. Scattergories

As kids growing up in Serbia we would play this kind of games. The most popular was the one with Geography as main topic and categories would be: country, city, river, mountain…  Somebody would take a pen and stuck it in the book; the pen would show the letter and all the players would start filling out the categories. This game can be easily played in quarantine and you can be creative with the categories.

Bonus – Belgrade monopoly

If you are like us and you miss exploring Belgrade, you can try to conquer it in the monopoly. Monopoly it’s classical for a reason. Gather your house mates and explore Belgrade in different way.

We hope these games brighten up your quarantine days and keep you entertained.