One day in Belgrade

One day in Belgrade

You have just one day in Belgrade?

There are many attractions that you can visit in Belgrade, and if you have only one day, in further text you can find out what you must see and do.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, a beautiful city located on the confluence of Sava and Danube. As the oldest city in Europe, Belgrade can be proud of its rich history, culture and many historical monuments that are witnessing the past of this city. Belgrade represents magnificent connection of tradition and modern age which can be seen especially in the old part of city.

Visit Kalemegdan Fortress
Usually exploring Belgrade starts with its core, the Kalemegdan fortress. This is the oldest and the most preoccupied fortress in Europe which through the centuries resisted many attacks. Today, fortress has been located in the biggest city park. Kalemegdan is not having a military function and as it is the biggest tourist attraction of the city. Except Kalemegdan, in the city you can find many more archaeological and historical objects and of course symbol of the city, monumental statue of Pobednik.


Walk through Knez Mihajlova Street and Republic square
From the fortress of Kalemegdan you can go straight to most famous promenade in Belgrade, Knez Mihajlova street. This pedestrian zone is often among first places that are visited by many tourist groups who are coming to Belgrade. On the edges of the street there are many historical buildings, decorated in a very interesting way. In this street you can find many coffee shops and places to have a snack or drink as well as souvenir shops. Right next to this street there is monumental Republic square. This square is one of the favorite places for gathering for people of Belgrade. In the middle of the square there is Knez Mihailo monument and nearby there is National theater and National museum.

Lunch in Skadarlija street
Since you are still located in the old part of city center, visit the street of Skadarlija, the most famous Belgrade bohemian district. Skadarlija was previously known as place of gathering for many artist, song writers, journalists and writers who loved bohemian life. Although these times have passed in the street of Skadarlija the spirit of bohemian life still exist, and whole impression is stronger with the cobblestone under your feet. Many restaurants can offer you the best Serbian specials and best homemade brandy and music.


Visit St. Sava temple
Although during one day in Belgrade, you can’t visit all the significant religious places, for one of the most important you’ll have time definitely and that is the St. Sava temple. The Temple is located in Vracar , one of the most beautiful places of the city, and you can arrive there easily from Skadarlija or Knez Mihajlova pedestrian zone by short walk via Kralja Milana street. Temple of St. Sava is the biggest orthodox temple on the Balkan and it is considered for the masterpiece of church architecture. Next to the temple within the temple plateau there is a national library and Karadjordje park where you can find Karadjordje monument which has been made in honor of the 1st Serbian uprising.

Enjoy the nature of Topcider Park
The Park is located in the Valley of Topcider River, Topcider Park has been considered as the oldest and the most beautiful park in Belgrade. Surface of the park is nearly 32 acres and it is surrounded by small hills. The park is adorned with beautiful nature and couple of small lakes as well as many historical buildings form different periods trough the history. Central building is Milosev Konak that is surrounded with wonderful nature.


In the end, even you are just one day in Belgrade, he is impatiently waiting for you. Come and enjoy unique symphony of East and West.