About us

Beoquest is a creative organization for city quest games, founded in 2015. We are proud to be the first and so far unique one of this kind in Serbia and the region.
Dunja has been active in NGO sector and youth work for years, deeply inclined to interactive approach and learning by doing. Jovana is coming from the business world, mainly working in sales and event management.
Initially, one was interested in creating get-together activities for incoming students in Belgrade, while another wanted to refresh monotonous corporate team-building sessions. We joined together with an idea to create something different and unforgettable. That is how it all started.
By time, the scope of our activities was getting broader, and so was our target group. Today, we provide interactive outdoor city games to everyone interested, yet maintaining tailor-made service. Originality, knowledge-sharing and interactive games are our priorities, and we expect imagination and team spirit in return.

Each time we try to offer to our participants something different, so that they remember the time spent with us and say “I wish they make something like that again!”
Since we recognized educative potential of our business, we strive towards creating activities for primary and high-school students. Our approach and methodology would help in development of social and learning skills, as well as evoke innovative thinking at young population.
Finally, we are moving towards social entrepreneurship model and we strongly believe in social impact that we can create. We strive for higher employment of young people in culture and art, offering more workplaces as we grow ourselves.

We look forward to meeting you and look forward to seeing you at our future quests!
Yours truly,
Dunja & Jovana