pesme o Beogradu

Songs about Belgrade

BeoQuest team started to collect songs about…
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belgrade quest

Can you beat…

Spring is here and our new season…
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detektivska misterija

Our second b-day

A year older and for one exciting…
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No boundries

Having friends from abroad can be nice…
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alb - Copy

Happy New Year

Dear all, New Year has begun and…
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60 seconds with…

During the training “Entrepreneurs for Social Change” our…
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BeoQuest and “Entrepreneurs…

Third edition of training “Entrepreneurs for Social…
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Mystery quest

Candles, thoughtful faces, accusations  and  intrigue… That…
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studentska potraga

Student adventure continues!

Last year students had the opportunity to…
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Belgrade quest –…

Use your brains and conquer Belgrade streets!…
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BeoQuest je začetnik ideje istraživanja i upoznavanja grada kroz interaktivnu igru potrage. Prvi smo se u Srbiji i regionu specijalizovali za kreiranje dinamičnih aktivnosti kroz koje na zabavan način upoznajete istoriju, umetnost i običaje Beograda trag po trag.


BeoQuest created the idea of city exploration through interactive quests. We're first in Serbia and region to specialize in creating dynamic activities which, in entertaining way, discover history, art and customs of Belgrade, clue by clue.

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