Race through Belgrade maze

Race through Belgrade maze

“I had no expectations at all. I go out because I’m bored. It’s a nice day and I just can’t sit around the apartment and study for the exam. Minimum expectations. Goal is to walk around Belgrade and chat with friend from the editor’s office. If I’m lucky, we’ll go for a coffee afterwards. I had no idea where am I going or why. But I guess it’s more interesting that way.”.

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Organizovali smo veliku potragu za uskršnjim jajima!

Organizovali smo veliku potragu za uskršnjim jajima!

Mališani su ovog Uskrsa imali priliku da učestvuju u nesvakidašnjem događaju ─ velikoj potrazi za uskršnjim jajima. U sklopu Beogradskog prolećnog festivala, BeoQuest je organizovao potragu za sve zainteresovane mališane od 6 do 10 godina. Potraga je kroz zagonetke vodila grupe ka skrivenim uskršnjim jajima koja su deca kasnije oslikavala.

Na ovom linku možete pogledati TV prilog i čuti utiske o našoj uskršnjoj potrazi.

Joker team experience

Joker team experience

I’ve discovered BeoQuest over Facebook as many of my friend liked their page. It sounded interesting and I think I’ve heard something similar is being organized abroad. So it could be a great refreshment for city happenings during summertime. On the other side I was skeptic and thought the quest would be easy for me and that it was meant for someone who is not form Belgrade.

I joined a test game, there was five groups, all different from each other. Different in number but also as they “clicked”. I turned out to be part of “joker” team, together with two more people I didn’t know from before.

Quest started at Nikola Pasic square and the first task was simple one. It was there to let us get to know eachother and try out our creativity. We made couple of selfies and moved on. We were the smallest group, ohters were in groups of for our six. As I learned later, both of my companions were living downtown which turned to be quite helpful later during the quest.

There was several references to local movies and music videos and funny tasks to do together with other people in Belgrade. My confidence in knowledge about Belgrade quickly disappeared as I tried to figure out where to go next and what to do there. You know the feeling, you go downtown every day and catch something with a glimpse. You know where they should be, you know they exist but when you try to remember exact location… no way! That’s how I felt. Lucky for me the rest of the group knew the terrain better so they saved me from the rest of embarrassment.

We roughly covered the area from the mail post office to Kalemegdan. Several questions were connected to military museum and I really nailed those! Just to make up for not knowing the rest of the center.

In the end we finished second. We came first to the finis point but lost some points along the way. In my opinion I didn’t loose anything but in fact gained a lot! I got more that two hours of very creative and interesting time. I got the opportunity to meet new people and mostly my comrades in questing. I renewed my knowledge of city center and learned some new facts which were there – but I didn’t see them.

I highly recommend this, the fun is guaranteed!


BeoQuest 2014. godina u brojkama

– 1 super ideja
– 2 drugarice
– 3 teambonding-a
– 4 devojačke večeri prepune BeoQuest zadataka i izazova
– 5 potraga za Deda Mrazom
– 6 meseci postojanja
– 7 pomoćnika
– 24 rođendanske potrage
– 157 beogradskih istraživača
– Bezbroj novih saznanja!