Jelena discovering Belgrade

Jelena discovering Belgrade

You know when you say that you know your town as good as your pockets? And then you find in your pocket something you’ve been searching for ages. Or you didn’t even know it’s there! Well, that’s how I felt first time I joined the quest.

I came to the meeting point sure in myself and my knowledge of city details. But then I read first couple of questions. So for the first time I realized I cant use only my knowledge but need to improvise – ok, I have no idea what next, look around, search for the answer. And really, no matter how much you walked around the town, there is always something that you’ve missed. Good thing is that others are missing those details as well so we discovered them together. Many different questions give the opportunity for everyone to participate and the game is not dull for a second. On the contrary, although not of the same tempo all the time, the game is always at it’s peek. The best thing is that event when you finish the quest it doesn’t actually end – because you start seeing things differently and you continue to learn new – low things about this wonderful city.

From the initial ideas to execution, BeoQuest – Belgrade quests are great way to have fun and substitute┬áthe games from our childhood while satisfying our inner detectives.


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