Inner oasis in Belgrade

Inner oasis in Belgrade

Next time you’re sick of the concrete in Belgrade, head straight to one of these places.

  1. Beaches

If you prefer sand, Lido beach is perfect option for you. Located at the Great War Island, due to the large number of different bird species, the island is protected as a nature reserve. It is quite intimate atmosphere, you will never find huge crowd there.

For those who prefer beach bars, lot of people, water sports or volleyball Ada ciganlija is better option for you.

Tarzan beach is hidden gem of Belgrade, even not many locals know about this place. It is located in Progar, municipality of Surčin.

  1. Here for the view

Nobody can see you and you can see everything. Belgrade has many options for prefect view – Gardoš tower, Kalemegdan fortress, Ski staza or rooftop bars.

  1. Rivers and boats

Belgrade has two rivers and countless places where you can chill. If you want to hang with local fishermen, listen to music on a boat, have lunch, coffee or just sun gaze… it is all there waiting for you on Sava or Danube river.  

  1. Botanical garden

If there’s a location you can escape the madness of city center without leaving it, the Botanic Garden „Jevremovac“ is the place. There you will find the usual collection of greenhouses with exotic, weird and wonderful species from all over the world.

  1. Parks

When the sun is shining and you get tired of sightseeing, parks are perfect solutions for picnic lunch break in the city center.

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