Hostel with a soul – Roommates hostel Belgrade

Hostel with a soul – Roommates hostel Belgrade


There are no strangers there, only mates you haven’t met yet!

The idea of opening Roommates Hostel has emerged from a desire to gather together people from all over the world in an atmosphere of friendship and respect, broadening horizons and breaking prejudices by providing their guests a warm, friendly, clean and safe home.

With a perfect location where the rich culture and vibrant energy of Belgrade is fused in the famous Savamala art district where you are always in the center of the city wherever you go, Roommates hostel wants to make your experience of staying at their hostel and Belgrade unforgettable.

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It’s very easy to find Roommates hostel, becauseit is close to the main bus and train stations and all the attractions of Belgrade, cultural institutions, night life and entertain are within easy walking distance from us.

Thanks to its ideal location easy and fast you can reach all parts of the Belgrade with public transport because theyare surrounded with numerous bus and tram lines.

Hostel is ideal for individual travelers who are traveling for business or fun, backpackers, backpackers, romantic couples, families, groups of every kind and all ages because they believe and experience has shown them, that age is just a number and what’s important is that every moment of life should be lived to the fullest, which gives meaning to our existence, and that is also their motto.

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You will be welcomed by their friendly staff andabove all they will help you to explore our city as his resident, because you will not only be referred to the well-known attractions of Belgrade, but also to those hidden gems that only we, who live here are familiar with.

Spacious rooms, comfortable beds, “rainfall” showers, homely and chill atmosphere is just some of the things that describes them.

For more info, check their web site

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