Belgrade magnets

Belgrade magnets

Magnets are one of our favorite travel souvenirs so it made sense that we make Belgrade magnets.

Did you know that person who collects magnets it’s called memomagnetist?

They say that magnets are the most popular travel souvenirs. And why wouldn’t they be? They are useful for sticking notes on your fridge, they can be attached to metallic surfaces in your office or at home. Refrigerator magnets are nice way to remind you of your trips because you will see them every day as you visit the fridge to make a meal or when you go there for a quick snack. Magnets are also so easy to pack they don’t take much space or weight and they don’t cost that much.

Probably we could split all travelers in two categories. In first one there are people that don’t buy any souvenirs, but they do have travel souvenirs such as photos, maps, banknotes, beer labels, coasters…

In second group are travelers that buy postcards, magnets, key chains, t-shirts, shot glasses, snowballs and what not.

Which group do you belong to? What do you bring home from your trips?

Our Belgrade magnets have:

  1. National Assembly of Serbia
  2. Genex tower with tram
  3. „?“ first kafana in Belgrade, accordion, bottle of rakia and sparrow (one of the Belgrade’s symbols)
  4. Knez Mihailo monument
  5. Ada bridge with boat
  6. Ada bride with st. Sava temple
  7. Statue of the the Victor, one of the most important symbols of Belgrade
  8. Famous tram no 2, licitar heart and symbols of our Belgrade quest
  9. Gardoš tower

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