Vladislava Kadija, E-front kickoff

Vladislava Kadija, E-front kickoff

“The BeoQuest team made our teambuilding special, they customized/modified the quest according to the participants’ needs, meeting all our requests and special wishes. The quest was as interesting to those who came to/visited Belgrade for the first time, as it was to those who were born here. We all enjoyed discovering the sights of Belgrade and hidden messages around us. We were discovering Belgrade in a completely different way! By solving tasks, we were able to have a lot of fun, but also to learn things about each other, to realize how different our views on the same things are and to get to know the members of our team throughout the game. Simply put – BeoQuest was a great choice!”

Martin, Sweden

Martin, Sweden

“Belgrade quest is excellent option for travelers who don’t like ordinary tours. With quest you will be challenged to discover fun facts on your own. It is fun and educational activity.”

Una Jovanović, Ria money transfer conference

Una Jovanović, Ria money transfer conference

“I was not aware of how interesting it was to be a tourist in my own city!

Getting to know the sights in a completely original and cool way, working in a team and solving riddles, all these things awaken the adventurous spirit and leave an unforgettable impression. ”


Hana Ćelap, dr. Zoran Đinđić foundation

Hana Ćelap, dr. Zoran Đinđić foundation

“We chose Beoquest because it seemed (to us) like a creative team building activity. It hit the bull’s eye! Everyone had a great time – from younger and older participants, Belgrade-born people, to those who are just passing through. The tasks were challenging, but solvable – made so that literally everyone on the team wanted and had to get involved in order to reach the goal. We will definitely repeat this experience with a new group. ”

Inner oasis in Belgrade

Inner oasis in Belgrade

Next time you’re sick of the concrete in Belgrade, head straight to one of these places.

  1. Beaches

If you prefer sand, Lido beach is perfect option for you. Located at the Great War Island, due to the large number of different bird species, the island is protected as a nature reserve. It is quite intimate atmosphere, you will never find huge crowd there.

For those who prefer beach bars, lot of people, water sports or volleyball Ada ciganlija is better option for you.

Tarzan beach is hidden gem of Belgrade, even not many locals know about this place. It is located in Progar, municipality of Surčin.

  1. Here for the view

Nobody can see you and you can see everything. Belgrade has many options for prefect view – Gardoš tower, Kalemegdan fortress, Ski staza or rooftop bars.

  1. Rivers and boats

Belgrade has two rivers and countless places where you can chill. If you want to hang with local fishermen, listen to music on a boat, have lunch, coffee or just sun gaze… it is all there waiting for you on Sava or Danube river.  

  1. Botanical garden

If there’s a location you can escape the madness of city center without leaving it, the Botanic Garden „Jevremovac“ is the place. There you will find the usual collection of greenhouses with exotic, weird and wonderful species from all over the world.

  1. Parks

When the sun is shining and you get tired of sightseeing, parks are perfect solutions for picnic lunch break in the city center.

Students and Belgrade quest

Students and Belgrade quest

Are you a student visiting Belgrade?

There is no better time for visiting Belgrade than your student years! A student trip can’t go wrong in a city like Belgrade with one of the most beautiful fortresses surrounded by two rivers… Also eclectic architecture, many beautiful parks, delightful food and some of the cheapest beer in Europe – all that is waiting for you in Belgrade! The perfect mix of history and party for a break from study.

It’s entirely different way of exploring Belgrade for students/young people compared to elderly travelers. While students do visit main sites in Belgrade as travelers of all ages, they also visit areas where local students hang out, so they can make new friends, speak the language and discover the vibrant nightlife with locals their age.

Are you student or young person looking for an interactive and fun way to learn about the history of Belgrade and Serbia? Maybe activity in the city that is more memorable than a sight-seeing with tour guide headphones? Belgrade quest is the answer! Participate in this fun game with your student friends, race against other teams as you solve riddles, clues and solve the challenges.

Some of the benefits of Belgrade quest for students:

  • Enables exploration and discovery –While the main goal is riddle/challenge solving, half the fun is embracing the journey as well. Being outdoors, meeting locals, become familiar with Belgrade, allowing you to find new and interesting spots on your journey. It’s also a great activity to help with your sense of direction.
  • Builds the team –The quest is a great social ice breaker. Gathering students to commit to a common goal in a relaxed atmosphere is a way to promote teamwork. Since there is time limitation for Belgrade quest, this especially puts the questers into crunch time and will encourage responsibility and leadership in the team. This helps bring the team together as each member of a team can contribute uniquely to the quest.
  • Stimulates the mind – Belgrade quest challenges players on an individual and a team level. Student participants use their general knowledge, along with puzzle solving and map reading skills to solve a series of clues that have only one correct solution. The quest teaches participants to follow directions, build listening skills, and seek and build a consensus for a plan of action. The responsibility comes with plotting a strategy for Belgrade quest.
  • Promotes social interaction – The game will starch your comfort zone. Whether it’s being in an unfamiliar area or being with an unfamiliar team, you are inspired to interact with your student team members to ensure the team’s objective is met. Since the competition of the quest can be exhilarating, you’re even more prone to interact with your team members to beat the other teams.

At the heart of Belgrade quest for students are tasks and challenges that encourage participants to stretch their comfort zones, bond with their fellow team-mates, explore and learn about Belgrade, interact with locals, and most importantly, a lot of laughter while they complete their treasure hunt lists.

Belgrade magnets

Belgrade magnets

Magnets are one of our favorite travel souvenirs so it made sense that we make Belgrade magnets.

Did you know that person who collects magnets it’s called memomagnetist?

They say that magnets are the most popular travel souvenirs. And why wouldn’t they be? They are useful for sticking notes on your fridge, they can be attached to metallic surfaces in your office or at home. Refrigerator magnets are nice way to remind you of your trips because you will see them every day as you visit the fridge to make a meal or when you go there for a quick snack. Magnets are also so easy to pack they don’t take much space or weight and they don’t cost that much.

Probably we could split all travelers in two categories. In first one there are people that don’t buy any souvenirs, but they do have travel souvenirs such as photos, maps, banknotes, beer labels, coasters…

In second group are travelers that buy postcards, magnets, key chains, t-shirts, shot glasses, snowballs and what not.

Which group do you belong to? What do you bring home from your trips?

Our Belgrade magnets have:

  1. National Assembly of Serbia
  2. Genex tower with tram
  3. „?“ first kafana in Belgrade, accordion, bottle of rakia and sparrow (one of the Belgrade’s symbols)
  4. Knez Mihailo monument
  5. Ada bridge with boat
  6. Ada bride with st. Sava temple
  7. Statue of the the Victor, one of the most important symbols of Belgrade
  8. Famous tram no 2, licitar heart and symbols of our Belgrade quest
  9. Gardoš tower

Why treasure hunt is great option for team building?

Why treasure hunt is great option for team building?

If you are interested in treasure hunt in Belgrade or team building activity that is perfect blend of fun and creativity, then look no further.

  1. Your team will work like never before

In order to get the best score, the team will plan, communicate, collaborate and race against the clock. The tasks, riddles and challenges are only successfully completed with full participation from each team member. Even people that are usually shy and don’t speak that much during fun oriented activity like this one they show the other side.  Working towards a common goal participants will have to pay attention to every detail. This is great opportunity for teams to practice problem-solving in a tangible way. Treasure hunt in Belgrade will bring your team closer together, help boost communication and courage. It will be team building experience they won’t soon forget!

  1. Treasure hunt is highly engaging and well balanced activity

During treasure hunts participants will complete challenges, solve riddles, take photos, solve trivia that can only be found at right location… Participants are drawing on each other strengths in order to succeed. There is something for everyone! Belgrade treasure hunts will include each person; regardless of their abilities and the unique mix of tactical and knowledge based tasks – all whilst having fun!

  1. The team will think outside of the box

There is something special about treasure hunts; it strengthens the creativity in teams and stimulates the mind. The hunt requires creative interpretations of tasks and clever strategies to solve each one.  Participants will show their most creative side to earn points in this competitive, fun and unique team building activity in Belgrade. 

  1. Activity suitable for all physical abilities

During our treasure hunt participants will only walk. There will be no crazy people pyramid, climbing or anything similar.

  1. Above all treasure hunts are fun!

Nothing is more likely to inspire participants to run around in order to complete the challenges with competition thrill than a suggestion of treasure hunt! It’s really simple – they are perfect mix of fun and fascination.

Treasure hunt in Belgrade is excellent activity for a break at international conference, for introducing new employee to the company team and / or Belgrade, to reward a team for successful completion of project…

Bachelor (Bachelorette) weekend in Belgrade

Bachelor (Bachelorette) weekend in Belgrade

Are you a bachelor or bachelorette who wants to spend the weekend in Belgrade?

Belgrade is ready to greet you with classical activities to some more adventurous every bachelor and bachelorette weekend requires.

Last year, while traveling back to Belgrade, I’ve got to see quite a strange sight at the airport customs queue. Several places behind me was standing a bunch of girls, all dressed in the same black t-shirts which had “Hannah’s crew” written all over them in golden glitter. But ok, that is not the strangest thing you’ve ever seen, right? But the fact that all girls had big curlers on their heads must be something you don’t see every day, right? I was really fascinated by these ladies and hoped like crazy that they are on the same flight as me. And they were! The minute I saw them getting ready to board my plane I had to ask them what is this all about. And they explained – we are going on a bachelorette weekend to Belgrade.

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paper

They’ve had everything planned and preparations started already during the flight. The energy they’ve brought with themselves was super positive, entire plane joined their frenzy. So all I could do is wish them all the luck in fulfilling everything they’ve had on the list. And believe me, their list was a serious thing: cocktails on river bars, sightseeing, shopping, restaurants and night clubs. The only thing that could get in the way was their stamina because Belgrade could definitely offer everything planned. And after this amazing bride and her team I started noticing more and more groups of bachelorettes and bachelors visiting our town all throughout the year, looking to make this final adventure of “life without ball and chain” unforgettable.

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paper

It turns out like quite an easy task as Belgrade is ready to greet them with classical activities every bachelor and bachelorette party requires to some more adventurous like balloon flight, treasure hunts, escape rooms, quests and many other fun outdoor happenings. In the end it all depends on the preferences of the lady and the man of the hour. But nevertheless, no matter what they choose, Belgrade bachelor(ette) weekend adventure is just the right thing to set them in the right mood of discovering more about themselves and getting ready for their big day. So, what would you choose?

Weather in Belgrade

Weather in Belgrade

Wondering about climate and weather in Belgrade?

Before you pack your bags, read this post.

One of the essential elements to consider before traveling to any part of the world is the climate that is present in the place you want to visit. Regardless of the fact that the weather rarely can head off anyone from the trip, it is important to know what you can expect in a country. Knowing the weather forecast of the destination you want to go to, can primarily be a guideline for packing the necessary things and can help you organize your way in the best way possible. In this article, get acquainted with the climate and the weather in Belgrade.

Belgrade is a wonderful city that is suitable for visiting throughout the year. When it comes to climate, in Belgrade and its surroundings, a moderate continental climate prevails, since this type of climate is present on the entire territory of Serbia. All four seasons are represented, and the average annual air temperature is 11.70C.

Spring in Belgrade runs from March to May, and this period is wonderful for enjoying in greened Belgrade, despite the fact that sunny days often get interrupted with heavy spring rains.


The summers are warm and often occur suddenly. During the most part of the summer (about 95 days) the average temperature is more than 25C. On average, there are 31 tropical days with a temperature above 30C, and the hottest month is July with an average temperature of about 22,1C. The highest temperature was measured in Belgrade on 9th of September 1946 and it was 41.8C.


Autumn in Belgrade starts in September and has similar characteristics as spring. Although it is characterized by occasional precipitation, there is not much cloudiness. Another feature of autumn in Belgrade is the extended summer, or Indian summer. Indian summer occurs in October and is characterized by long, warm and sunny time intervals, which makes it appear that autumn has not even begun.


Winter is not too sharp, it lasts from December to February, and the coldest month is January. During the winter, there is 21 days with a temperature below zero, and the lowest temperature measured in Belgrade was -26,2C (January 10, 1893).


In Belgrade an average of about 669.8 mm of precipitation can be expected annually, and the highest percentage of precipitation occurs during May and June. Snow annually falls on average for about 27 days, and it can be kept between 30 and 44 days. The thickness of the snow cover varies between 14 and 25 cm. Relative air humidity is 69.5%. July and August are the months with the lowest percentage of air humidity (63%), while in December, air humidity goes up to 83%. The sun in Belgrade sits on average about 2.096 hours a year, with July and August being the sunniest months in which the sun shines an average of 10 hours a day. It has the lowest sunshine during December and January (an average of 2 to 2.3 hours a day). The average air pressure in Belgrade is 1.001 mb.

The specificity of the moderate continental climate in Belgrade is also košava. Košava is a strong wind blowing from the southeast and east and brings, in general, dry and clear weather. Košava is mainly blowing during the late autumn and winter, and the days with košava are clear, cool and dry. Although the average speed is 25-43 km / h, it can reach speeds of up to 130 km / h. Košava blows at intervals of 2 to 3 days, and the longest period is 7 days. During the summer, usually the winds from the northwest are blowing.

In the end, weather in Belgrade makes the city an excellent destination for the whole year round. Moderate continental climate with relatively sharp winters and warm summers will allow you to enjoy in Belgrade during any seasons. Thanks to the moderate amount of precipitation, Belgrade has plenty of sunny days that even a casual basket cannot ruin.